If you’re looking for relief, you’re in the right place.

  • Are you ready to overcome depression and feel happier and more hopeful?
  • Would you like to be free of anxiety and feel more confident and at ease?
  • Do you want to let go problem drinking and get control of your life?

Practical, compassionate and effective help is here!

You may be thinking:

If I could just get motivated, get out of bed and get focused;

If I could simply calm the pounding in my chest and untangle the knot in my stomach;

If I could only drink responsibly and not lose control;

…life would be brighter.

You Are Not Alone

Many adults dealing with these problems hide their pain, because they feel embarrassed or ashamed. Your difficulties are not a sign of weakness. They are valid health concerns, and you don’t have to struggle on your own. With my help and support, you’ll discover new strengths and strategies to feel good again and live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Therapy is a powerful and effective tool to overcome depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse. I use methods that help heal the mind and body simultaneously. My approach to healing is individualized, practical, educational and focused on building skills to help you manage and recover from your personal challenges.

Here are examples of how clients have found relief.*

Jane suffered from bouts of depression that made it difficult to concentrate on work, take care of daily tasks and socialize. She thought she was just not trying hard enough to function. Through education about depression, she learned that she was experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition and not behaviors of a lazy adult. We set small goals that she could meet, and she changed negative self-talk. Over time, she started to have more energy for daily life and she felt better about herself overall.

Daniel’s anxiety made it hard to sleep. He was irritable during the day, and he worried that he might have a heart condition, even though medical tests indicated a healthy heart. By learning simple methods that relaxed his body, his mind calmed. He was able to sleep better, and he noticed that he had more patience during the day. He also learned to question his worries and sort out which needed to be addressed and which were a result of anxiety.

Melody and Allen had an active social life and enjoyed drinking at events and at home. They both noticed they could no longer predict when they would drink too much and act inappropriately. Through education about low-risk alcohol use and by setting specific goals for alcohol use depending on the event, environment and personal factors, they were able to avoid over-drinking. They also expanded their social activities to include more that weren’t centered around alcohol.

* These are composite examples

Healing is Possible

You too can experience relief from anxiety, depression or problem drinking. With my professional support and guidance, and the skills you’ll gain, you can be free of the pain and suffering and live the life you desire.

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